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Welcome to my kitchen...

Fresh Homemade of
sweet delights...
Make Ur Day Taste BETTER...

Flower & Garden Themed

Dis one order from Kak Intan for Aina's burfday & she want to bring to tadika utk celebrate..K.Intan pesan wat cantik2je so I decided to make garden & flower..Since there is still leftover gumpaste from previous order tu yg tambah2 tu.Anyway thanx to Kak Intan yg always support me...

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Sayang.Ibu said...

ai like it very much tim!!! sedey x blh nak tengok real one.. tp gambo pun jadik laa... :)
thanks tim... :)

Tim, Pasir Gudang said...

thanx k.intan..mesti aina suka bawa at tadika ni..

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